Curly Crafty Mom: Cookies for Santa - Iced Sugar Cookies

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cookies for Santa - Iced Sugar Cookies

Every year I like to try out a new cookie recipe for our 'Santa Cookies'. Surprisingly enough, I have NEVER made sugar cookies before... so, that is what we made this year! Here is Nathan, helping Mommy with getting the ingredients into the bowl.

Autumn is such a big help now, too! Its amazing how much she can do this year compared to last!

This was the yummiest tasting dough EVER! Autumn insisted that I let her roll the dough out... however, as you can see... she was a little rough with that dough! heehee!

The kids had the most fun with the cookie cutters, they even wanted to do non Christmas shapes. I have a huge tub of 100 cookie cutters, so there were a lot of Christmasy cutters in there.

Next, I made some icing for the cookies, and Autumn tinted her dye red and Nathan tinted his green. I also had some white icing for me to decorate with...

Autumn having so much fun with her red icing

She was so cute while she was icing her cookies...

Nathan adding his sprinkles

Autumn went a little crazy with her sprinkles

Nathan and his cookies... I wish I had gotten a closeup of Autumn and hers! :o) We had a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed making these...
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