Curly Crafty Mom: October 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween at Grants Farm

Tonight we headed over to Grants Farm for the Anheuser Busch appreciation night. We couldn't have asked for a better night... for one, the weather was pleasant, and two it was not crowded at all since it was a private event. Oh, and three... it was totally free! Here is the bridge you cross over after going across the street to get into Grants Farm.

It was sort of a late night for the kids. Amazingly, Nathan was the one that got very sleepy and fell asleep on the way home and Autumn was little Miss Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed!

The first thing we got to do was feed the goats warm milk. Nathan was really brave, and Autumn... well, Autumn couldn't be trusted, she tried to drink the milk! She is still getting one bah-bah a day. But, I will say... she is BINKY FREE, except for her nap and at night. I am so proud of her! So, be prepared to see pictures of Autumn sans binky finally!

They even had the carousel open...

Jeremi took this picture of me. Or, maybe he was taking a picture of the bat and not me. Hmmm. All I can say is... FREE BEER! I tried the new Harvest beer, it was really good!

The lights were beautiful and abundant

They even had a free buffet, and all of the food stands were open with free food as well. Yum!

These cages were neat, you had to guess the movie and they had several ones

And, what is a visit to Grants Farm without seeing a Clydesdale? :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

'Real' Letters

I recently signed up for a class called Mondo Beyondo, which is an online class about pursuing your dreams. It has been a wonderful self awareness class and I am currently in the Dream Lab session. One of the goals is to develop your own 'tribe' and as a result of this, one of the ladies on there decided to make a list of names and addresses of other dreamers that would like to have a pen pal by real mail! She didn't match us to anyone specifically, but the other day I received an envelope in the mail that said 'Dream Big' on the outside and inside there is 30 addresses.

I already know who I plan to send a letter to first... should be fun and add a little excitement in giving and receiving letters to fellow dreamers! Mondo Beyondo has always encouraged me to start writing poetry again and when I get some free time (ha-ha!) I am planning on starting an additional blog where I plan to start writing daily.

And, speaking of 'real' letters... At Nathan's school, I saw in the weekly newsletter that they were looking for 'Confirmation Friends'. What happens is they pair you with one of the 7th or 8th graders that are taking confirmation classes. You remain anonymous, but pray for them daily and send 3-4 letters of encouragement to them throughout the year. Then, once they have finished their confirmation class, you are invited to the confirmation banquet and you get to introduce yourself to them. I was so excited to receive my confirmation friend's info in the mail over the weekend. I was paired with a young man, and he goes to the public school but his sister is in 6th grade at Nathan's school/our church. I have his birthday and some other random information. I can't wait to send him some little gifts/letters throughout the year. If anyone has any ideas, that would be terrific... I do have some cute little notes I had written in my catechism from when I myself was in confirmation class. I also have my confirmation bible verse, a picture of the banner I made for church with the verse on it and the notes from the speech I did in front of church about this same bible verse. Anyway, I am excited about it! :)

Also, an update on the class party. Nathan's teacher finally sent me an email with her ideas, and it turns out that she has everything for the party planned, and I am just her party planning coordinator! LOL! So, I had to divide up the list of things needed between 5 Moms. She does like my game idea with the carts, so at least one part of the party will be my idea! Heehee!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Room Mother for Nathan's Halloween Party

October is always such a crazy busy month... Just this week we have Trunk or Treat on Friday, so we are developing a 'Spooky Train' theme for the back of my CRV. I am also in charge of the Halloween party at Nathan's school so I have been trying to get everything ready for that. His teacher is giving me a list of other Mom's that have signed up to help me out, so I need to figure out what I want them to bring.

I am so excited about planning Nathan's party. This is what I have planned so far, and I must admit I did steal some ideas from the Moms Club party we just went to and my friend Cammie always has fabulous ideas...

Treat: Halloween Popcorn Hands (these are plastic gloves that have a candy corn for each finger nail, then filled with popcorn and tied with ribbon.) Then, I am going to let the kids put plastic spider rings on them. However, I may decide to scrap this idea and just bring Funfetti cupcakes. I'm just not sure!

Drink: I'll have one of the other Mom's bring this... I am thinking punch?

Games: I am going to steal the games from the Halloween party we just went to. Where two kids sit and race on a flat cart to put a plastic spider ring on a spider web, then race back. And, also ghost bowling. I figure I can split the class in half and they can take turns with the games.

Craft: Cammie was suggesting getting black construction paper, tracing a ghost on it, then mixing glue and shave cream together and letting the kids hand paint their ghosts on the paper. Then stick googley eyes and black construction paper mouths on them. I know the teacher doesn't mind 'messy' activities because the kids have smocks and paint all the time. I may see what she thinks, though :)

If anyone has any cute snack, games, craft, etc. ideas let me know... seriously. I am just trying to figure out what to do. This is my first party, and I was put in charge as a room mother for all of the parties this year for his class so I don't want to fail on the first party!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moms Club Halloween Party

Every year the Moms Club throws a Halloween Party, and we have gone almost every year, last year being the exception. Nathan and Autumn had a blast, and it was another excuse to dress them up in their Halloween costumes. Here is Nathan as a pumpkin.

Auttie as a pumpkin. And, might I mention... we are weaning her of the binky. We are taking it away from when she wakes up in the morning until lunch time. Next week, she will only get it for naps and bedtime. Poor girl!

They had this really neat game where the kids each grabbed a plastic spider ring out of a black kettle, then raced down the hallway and stuck the spider on fake cobwebs, then raced back. Then, they got to grab in the kettle and take out a spider ring to keep. It surprised me how well Autumn did scooting on the cart! I am in charge of the classroom parties this year at Nathan's school and I may just steal this idea!

Poor Auttie, Nathan beat her!

Autumn scooting down the hall

Autumn finally gets her spider on the web!

They also had ghost bowling

And, another game that involved pushing pumpkins with a broomstick

They also had some crafts... here is Jeremi and Auttie working on a brown bag hand puppet

Nathan coloring his sack monster. He is coloring with his left hand, silly boy! Because he said he can't color with a spider on his finger (he had the spider ring on his right hand)

What terrific crafts!

Autumn loved the tunnels they had set up

Grabbing a prize

On the way out... silly kids! What a fun party!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go! St. Louis Halloween 10k run, I did it! Yeah!!

Today I ran my first 10k ever, and WOW what a thrill it was... I must say, this has been the most exciting race I have ever participated in! It was a costume run, so while running I got to see a lot of neat and original costumes... also we ran in Soulard, past Soulard Market, Joannies Pizza, McGurks, we ran THROUGH the Anheiseur Busch building complex which was REALLY cool! There were a couple of bands playing that we ran past... only one water station at mile 3, so I was quite thirsty at the end!! I wasn't so nervous for this race which surprised me because I wasn't at prepared for it as I could have been... but, somehow I trusted myself and I knew within I could finish it. And, I did! I won't say it was a piece of cake, there were moments where I started to doubt myself, but I told myself to 'SHUT UP!!' and I made it to the end. I was so, so proud of myself! I think I may torture myself further and start to train for a half marathon for next fall. We'll see. :)

Here are my stats from this race:

Finish time: 1 hour 5 minutes - yeahhhh!

3,897 finishers, I finished at 2,294.

Halloween party at Jeff and Tracy's

On Saturday, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tracy invited us over for a Halloween party at their house. We had a fabulous time, they always throw terrific parties!

Aunt Tracy had Whipt Cream design Halloween cupcakes for the party in the Toy Store theme. They had pumpkin and spice cake cupcakes, yum, yum! SO yummy!

A detail of the cupcakes

Nathan just wanted icecream and aliens for dessert.

Such a cute photo of Autumn. With my kitty nose.

I did a little bit of work for the party... I made treat bags! I put three chocolate bars, a glow ring for the girls and glow key chain for the boys, and a sweettart necklace in each sack.

Auttie loves to color. Its a good thing, too, because that's how she stays entertained in church... she could color all day long!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Costume Family Pics

Autumn is a little shy of the photography studios right now, so I decided to take the kids photos of them in their costumes at a park this year. My brother and SIL were having a Halloween party at their house today, so I decided to take the kids up to the park in his subdivision before the party for some photos of them in their costumes. They turned out really nice!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nathan's first trip to the circus!

Tonight I took Nathan to the Ringling Brothers circus, and it was a first trip to the circus for the both of us! I almost got to see the circus in high school at the old Busch Stadium but it was rained out. It was funny, when I parked the car in the lot, Nathan asked me if he was going to get to ride in a shopping cart. LOL! I said, "Uhh, no! You don't right in a shopping cart to go to the circus!" Here is a picture of one of the food stands in Scotttrade Center. Love the name!

The circus was a lot of fun... I loved the elephant act.

Nathan was covering his ears at first, because it was loud!

Here are the tigers. Notice the cage that they put up around them!! I wonder if thats new? I guess for safety reasons :o)-

Nathan sitting and watching the show. He actually got really tired during the second act. He started to fall asleep on me. I think next year if I take him to the circus, we will go to the Saturday morning show at 10:30pm. He is just not used to staying up so late! He really enjoyed the show, though!

Nathan's favorite part... he may have been tired near the end, but when they brought out the cage, and he saw seven YES seven motor bikes roll around inside it at once, he was quite an excited 4.5 year old! LOL! I must admit... it was pretty cool! Almost unreal. Crazy.

So, look at all of these flashy spinney toys! Yes, obnoxious and $20+ each! What parent could get their kid to walk past these stands without their kids noticing the flashing and spinning?

Yeah... yeah. Nathan got a sword. It has a little spinney ball in it that lights up on top of the handle. He better be nice to Sissy and Bratchey with it tomorrow, or its getting taken away! LOL!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn Nicole's first haircut

I'm a busy working Momma, so of course I've been meaning to schedule Autumn's first haircut, but... haven't gotten a chance. So, I was sitting outside at my Mom's house today after work and she offered to trim little Auttie's hair. My Mom used to cut my hair and my brother's (no comments on how good she was! LOL!) and she cuts my Dad's hair. Anyway, I thought... WOW, this is great, because I know if I took Autumn to a salon she would cry her little eyes out over the experience. So here is Autumn's uneven hair. It was growing so that it was a lot longer on the right and left sides, and shorter in the middle. Which, is great for piggy tails, but not so stylish when she wears her hair down. LOL.

See how long this one side was? She definitely needed a trim from Grandma Mary!

Of course, after the haircut, she would not stand still so I could get a photo of her cute hairdo! Here is the best shot I could get with my camera on my phone... Its A LOT better! Thanks, Mom!

I kept a little bag of her curls for her baby book.
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