Curly Crafty Mom: Patty Cakes, Part 2 (2 years later!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Patty Cakes, Part 2 (2 years later!)

I am not sure if any of my blog readers remember this, but while I was on my maternity leave with Autumn, I worked on making patty cakes for the kids. Here is the link to that blog post from January 2009, Patty Cakes - Part 1.

Well, 2 years later... we FINALLY got around to painting them! Which is great, because... I doubt Autumn could have painted hers back then! And, Nathan hated painting back then... it was too messy!

Here are the supplies... Acrylic paints, Spray Epoxy, paint brushes and the patty cakes themselves

Nathan's hand over his patty cake

Autumn's hand over her patty cake


The kids squirting their paint into the glass bowls. They almost enjoyed this as much as painting the patty cakes themselves!


The kids loved painting them

I might get some watercolors out next for the kids, they really focused and had fun painting

Here is a closeup of Autumn's. She did a really good job!


Here are the finished patty cakes! I wrote their name and age on each one. After they dried, I sprayed the clear epoxy on them and it set the paint and gave them a little bit of a shine. I should post a picture of my old patty cake that my Mom helped me make from when I was little. They are such great keepsakes!
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