Curly Crafty Mom: Hairy Elephant Haircuts

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hairy Elephant Haircuts

The kids both needed their hair cut, and I decided to take them both somewhere special since this would be Autumn's first haircut at a real place (my Mom did her first actual haircut). Nathan cried BIG tear drops his first two hair cuts, but Autumn just sat there and enjoyed the pampering!

And, here is the end result! The stylist cut her hair shorter, and layered it a little in the back. She is such a doll!

And, no haircut is incomplete without a lollipop at the end!

Here is a picture of how it looks in the back when it is dry. Lots of pretty curls!

Nathan was next... and, of course they had a train to sit in! He was SO excited about that!!! He's my train lover.

Then he got to pick out some scented shampoos. He selected Chocolate and Green Apple. Too bad I couldn't smell them, my nose is still stuffed up!

Haha, YES! I do take pictures of everything! Nathan was so tense while the lady washed his hair!

Nathan's stylish look!
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