Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was SO excited to get a somewhat decent picture of Nathan and Autumn together for Valentine's Day. See below, I bribed them.

Such cuties :)

Ok, so the bribing part. I told them I got them Valentine gifts. :) Hey, I don't have a man to buy a gift for this year, so why not get my kids each something small! I actually returned a Christmas present that I never gave them, so it wasn't like I actually spent anything ;) Plus, Autumn has been CRYING every time we go into Target for this princess doll... I mean for MONTHS. So, she was QUITE happy to finally get her princess.

So, one of Nathan's gifts was a Hot Wheel that has a magnet in it. If you stick it on a metallic surface, and give it a little push, it will climb up it (or down it). This gave Nathan hours of entertainment... HOURS... We tried to find other metallic surfaces in the house, but sadly the dish washer was the only other household item that the Hot Wheel liked... I thought about our garage door, but I did not want to be stuck outside for HOURS. You know how you can buy that metallic paint? Maybe I should buy Nathan the entire set of cars and paint one whole wall in his room with metallic paint. UHHH, maybe NOT. ;)

And, the other toy Nathan got was a 'color shifter' Hot Wheel boat that actually floats (and it has wheels on the bottom). Again, HOURS of entertainment. I may have vacuumed the entire house, dusted the bedroom, and made chocolate souffle all while Autumn was napping and Nathan was entertained with his new Hot Wheels gadgets.

Once again, HAPPY V-DAY! Tomorrow is Nathan's class party at school, and for once Mrs. M told me to just show up! So, should be an easy party!
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