Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Paper/Foil Boats

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nathan's Paper/Foil Boats

Before school, Nathan asked me to make him a paper boat. I was rushing around trying to get them out the door, and I was thinking to myself, "OH great! I've never made a boat out of paper before!" So, I did my best and I made him an itty bitty sailboat out of some scratch paper on the table. He was SO excited about it, he even wanted to keep it in his book bag while he was at school.

WELL, Nathan goes to Grandma's house after school, and when I got home from work I saw what this little paper boat evolved into... a bucket of water with lots of paper boats lined with foil.

Uncle Jeff even came over and made Nathan some paper/foil boats. Jeff used to love to make 'paper creations' as Grandma calls it when he was younger. Nathan loved all of the Jeff created boats. He even requested for Jeff to make him a submarine the next time he is over at Grandma's house.

This picture doesn't really do justice on Nathan's boats, but he has a lot of different kinds of boats. He is so excited and proud of them all! Lets just say, they joined him tonight in the tub!
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