Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Playdough Trains

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nathan's Playdough Trains

Nathan goes through a lot of phases... right now he is going through a 'play dough train' phase. Everyday he wants a playdough train... Does he make these playdough trains? NO. Mommy and Grandma have been making all of them. This is with a lot of direction from Nathan, he tells us EXACTLY what he wants. Picky boy! Here he is with some of his playdough trains.

I thought this was such a cute phase, that I thought why not take photos of some of Nathan's playdough trains...

This is a FLAT playdough train

This is one of Mommy's playdough trains. Uhh, yeah, I am not as good as Grandma at making these trains. This is an Easter train. I have all these tiny little chocolate truffle molds, and I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets that day and I thought they would be perfect for playdough shapes. So, we made an Easter train with them. Nathan did make the shapes in front of the train.

This is a candy cane playdough train, because Grandma mixed two colors of playdough together.

Can you tell who made this sad train? Mommy! Nathan is SO excited to be 5. So, of course... we made a number 5 train!

A smaller playdough train

Grandma was really busy with these... a Nathan train. Then there are boulders and worms on the ground around the trains. A lot going on here! It was an adventure driving this one from Grandma's house to my house... maybe a few wheels might have fallen off, which resulted in some tears. BTW, Scotch tape does not stick to playdough.

This is my favorite, I love the colors. I didn't do this one either :)

Here is another little playdough train.

This boy loves him some trains! And, don't set any of them up in the wrong order, because he remembers the specific order of each of the train cars, and will correct you!
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