Curly Crafty Mom: March 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have decided, every Monday I am going to make a to-do list for myself. I have been going through this divorce, and taking care of the kids solely on my own and it has really taken a lot out of me. I feel as though I am getting my strength back as we develop a new schedule at the house, and so I really want to indulge in some of my passions again and also in getting some work done around the house, too! Every week I am going to make a list of 5 things I want to try to accomplish this week, and then I will review myself the following Monday and create a new list. If I don't get something done, no biggie, it can move to next week's list.

1. Clean/Organize Basement, trying to break off basement in sections so I can thouroughly clean it - Finish cleaning/vacumming office area in basement

2. Craigs List - I am going to try to list things I no longer need that I find in the basement.

3. Running - I haven't ran in a LONG time, and I miss it. Get back into running 3-4x this week. Plan a Spring 5K race.

4. Reading - I am STILL reading Pillars of the Earth, and I started in August. It is a lengthy book, but still! I really want to get through it, because there is so many other books I want to read. My goal is to wrap it up in the next month. Read 10% more of the book. I am at 60% right now on my Kindle. :)

5. Take a Lush bath :) I have been trying to take a bath for 3 weeks now, and I either fall asleep or I don't get to it. I miss my baths!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pixar Cars at Museum of Transport

Today we went to the Museum of Transport, because they had the Pixar Cars there this weekend only! Plus, free admission! Here is the airplane and boat you pass when you drive in.

We got there early, a good 30 minutes early... and waited outside. I am so glad we got there early, because people started showing up 15 minutes till and a line quickly formed around the entire parking lot. We were fifth in line.

Nathan ringing the bell out front

Nathan and McQueen

Nathan and Autumn. Not the best photo, but still cute!

They had three cars, Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and one from the new upcoming movie, Finn Missile.

Lightning McQueen

Tow Mater

Finn Missile


After we looked at the Pixar Cars, we looked at all of the locomotives. Nathan used to LOVE Pixar Cars, it was actually his first love... then it was Hot Wheels, then Thomas the Tank and now he loves electric trains. So, he was so excited to see all of these trains in real life!

Nathan sitting on the track. I tried to get Sissy to join him for some photos, but she was content in the stroller. So, I didn't push her :)

Here is Nathan on a caboose. What a fun time!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Snow!

March is such an unpredictable month... because, today we have had popcorn sized snow ALL day!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nathan and Autumn Interview

I interviewed Nathan last year, with these questions and it was so cute how he answered. This year, little Autumn was old enough to answer some of them... and, it was cute to hear both of their responses.

~What is something mommy always says to you?
Nathan: You love me
Autumn: I love you

~ What makes mommy happy?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Driving her car
Nathan: Us sucking on suckers and being good. And playing with our electric trains nice
Autumn: THAT! And points to my computer.

~ What makes mommy sad?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: When I run in the house
Nathan: Us gone
Autumn: THAT! And points to my computer. (Can we see a trend? LOL)

~ How does your mommy make you laugh?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: By acting silly and making silly noises
Nathan: Us tickling you.
Autumn: She giggles

~ How old is your mommy?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: 60
Nathan: 31 (I'm 33)
Autumn: Baby

~ How tall is your mommy?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Let me count. 1, 2, 3, 4. You are 4 tall.
Nathan: Taller than a bulldozer!
Autumn: Points up. HIGH

~ What is your mommy really good at?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Hanging up tools
Nathan: Art, and putting my electric trains on
Autumn: Eat!!!

~ What does your mommy do for her job?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Make money
Nathan: Work on the computer and play Webkins. And count.
Autumn: Bye, Bye!

~ What is your mommy's favorite food?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Brocolli
Nathan: This is a hard question. Rock cereal.
Autumn: EAT!!! Bye, bye!

~ What makes mommy proud of you?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: When I do crafts
Nathan: Being really, really good
Autumn: Didn't say anything

~ What do you and your mommy do together?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Hug
Nathan: Play, buy something for me, go to the doctor (he went with me today)
Autumn: Didn't say anything (I think she's bored with this)

~ How do you know your mommy loves you?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: Because you sweet to me
Nathan: Because we are nice to you, and I am handsome (LOL)
Autumn: Runs up to me and gives me a hug and says I love you! (Aww!)

~ Where is your mommy's favorite place to go?
Nathan's Response from Last Year: To work oh and to the museum
Nathan: The grocery store, to see electric trains at the store
Autumn: Holds both my hands and walks me in a circle

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lighthouse Bears

I got a surprise phone call today, and it was someone I haven't seen since 2000? She is an old family friend, and she reads my blog and is a FB friend. She came by and brought me a basket that her and her husband had won a bid on at their church's trivia. She thought I would like it, since I have always loved lighthouses... and, it really is such a cute basket! How sweet of her to do this, it really sweetened my day! So, OF COURSE, I had to do a blog post with pictures of the cute basket.

Here is the basket, and she included a lighthouse card along with it.

Aren't these little lighthouse bears adorable?

I was super excited to see that one of the bears is a Thomas KinKade bear! How neat!

Here are the other bears

This is such a drab picture, but here is one of the shelves in my curio cabinet that has the lighthouses on it. Of course, the Thomas KinKade bear will now have a home with them.

And, Nathan, of course, is giving the other bears lots of love. Eventually, he will tire of them and I will snatch them back. ;) heehee!

Thank you!!! My friend Janna also just recently shipped me another box of clothes (Gymboree!) for little Miss Autumn. I am forever grateful! Hope to snatch some pictures of them and to share what cute things she sent me in the next week.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Easter Photos

I took the kids to JCPenney to get their Easter pictures taken last weekend. They did SO good, well... Nathan always does really good, but Autumn has finally gotten past her stranger anxiety and she did so well! Isn't this a cute one of bro and sis?


Autumn did so well imitating what Nathan did in her pictures


Aren't their outfits cute? Gymboree, of course! :)))

Friday, March 18, 2011

Disney on Ice

I have been taking off of work for a lot of 'UNFUN' stuff lately. So, it was time for me to have a fun day off! Today is the last day of Nathan's Spring Break, so I took the kids to Disney on Ice with my friend Katie and her girl Lainie. Here they all are together, now if only Autumn could have smiled!

Autumn didn't smile here either, why? Because Mommy wasn't holding her! But, she still makes such a cute Snow White.

The show was fantastic, personally I loved Lion King and Nemo the most.

Autumn felt like such a BIG girl sitting in her OWN chair. However, for some reason, both kids were sitting in my lap by the end of the show. Poor Mommy! I brought some Glow Sticks I had leftover from Halloween, and one was a dud! So, luckily the kids shared the one glow stick 'nicely'. I also had snacks and juice boxes. The tickets and parking were expensive enough!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Party at Baked Goods Pottery

Nathan has been invited to a handful of birthday parties from his classmates, but we haven't been able to make any of them yet. Nathan was finally able to experience his first 'birthday party' experience for one of his classmates, and he really had a good time. It was at Baked Goods Pottery on Gravois Road on a Sunday afternoon. She had a really good turn out, 16 kids out of 21 came! Nathan is REALLY into crafts and art right now, so this place really was perfect for him.

Nathan sat right next to the birthday girl. He really did a great job on his ceramic tile, I love the colors! Some of the kids painted gray and black, I am sooo glad Nathan picked greens, blues and yellows! Heheh!

They also gave the kids the first letter to their name, and they painted the letter and it'll be glued onto the tile after they fire.

Even Autumn got to paint, nonbreakable paper plates! They also had playdough for her to play with.

On the way out, every kid got to take a cupcake home. I thought this was a great idea, since the party ended right before dinner time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bitty Baby Love

For Christmas, I got Autumn a Bitty Baby doll from American Girl. I also ordered Autumn sized matching PJ's so that they could go to bed matching. I feel awful, but I FINALLY got around to getting Autumn's pair of PJ's out so she could match her doll one night this last week. Oh, MY... Autumn LOVED it. She kept telling me she was a Baby Doll, too! It was adorable. Well, except for the bump on her head. :o(

Ready to go to bed with her 'Baby'. (BTW, her crib is normally filled with babies, stuffed animals, etc. Of course, I removed all the extra clutter for your viewing pleasure!)


Autumn loves her Bitty Baby, because Bitty Baby closes her own eyes. For all of her dolls that don't have closing eyes, she covers their eyes with a blanket or a hat, etc. so that she knows they are sleeping.

Isn't this adorable?!

A special someone, kept trying to get in my pictures of Autumn with her baby doll. This special someone NEVER wants his picture taken any other time!

Autumn just loves her doll. I can't wait to take her to the American Girl store in Chicago sometime when she gets a little older. She would just love it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grandparents Day at Nathan's School

Mom didn't email me the picture of Nathan and her together on Grandparents Day, hee! hee! So, here is Nathan with Mrs. M his Preschool 4 teacher, who will soon be Autumn's teacher in another year.

The school had the kids paint a saucer and coffee mug for any Grandparents that came. Nathan was so serious about his!!

Two girls helping Nathan. Ha!

Of course, a choo-choo train mug!

Completed pieces. Grandma sure will enjoy her coffee in her new mug after it is fired. IF, Nathan will let her have it. ;o)-

This little girl is sweet on Nathan. Hmm, you think Nathan feels the same way? ;o)- I'm sure he'll feel differently about girls 10 years from now! ;o)-
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