Curly Crafty Mom: Bitty Baby Love

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bitty Baby Love

For Christmas, I got Autumn a Bitty Baby doll from American Girl. I also ordered Autumn sized matching PJ's so that they could go to bed matching. I feel awful, but I FINALLY got around to getting Autumn's pair of PJ's out so she could match her doll one night this last week. Oh, MY... Autumn LOVED it. She kept telling me she was a Baby Doll, too! It was adorable. Well, except for the bump on her head. :o(

Ready to go to bed with her 'Baby'. (BTW, her crib is normally filled with babies, stuffed animals, etc. Of course, I removed all the extra clutter for your viewing pleasure!)


Autumn loves her Bitty Baby, because Bitty Baby closes her own eyes. For all of her dolls that don't have closing eyes, she covers their eyes with a blanket or a hat, etc. so that she knows they are sleeping.

Isn't this adorable?!

A special someone, kept trying to get in my pictures of Autumn with her baby doll. This special someone NEVER wants his picture taken any other time!

Autumn just loves her doll. I can't wait to take her to the American Girl store in Chicago sometime when she gets a little older. She would just love it!
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