Curly Crafty Mom: Disney on Ice

Friday, March 18, 2011

Disney on Ice

I have been taking off of work for a lot of 'UNFUN' stuff lately. So, it was time for me to have a fun day off! Today is the last day of Nathan's Spring Break, so I took the kids to Disney on Ice with my friend Katie and her girl Lainie. Here they all are together, now if only Autumn could have smiled!

Autumn didn't smile here either, why? Because Mommy wasn't holding her! But, she still makes such a cute Snow White.

The show was fantastic, personally I loved Lion King and Nemo the most.

Autumn felt like such a BIG girl sitting in her OWN chair. However, for some reason, both kids were sitting in my lap by the end of the show. Poor Mommy! I brought some Glow Sticks I had leftover from Halloween, and one was a dud! So, luckily the kids shared the one glow stick 'nicely'. I also had snacks and juice boxes. The tickets and parking were expensive enough!
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