Curly Crafty Mom: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Turtle Playground

So, I have been trying to do something fun with the kids on some Friday nights after work... and, this week I decided to take them to Turtle Park, which is across from the Zoo.

So you may ask, what is at Turtle Park? Well, uhhh... turtles! Actually, there is a snapping turtle, a soft-shelled turtle, a red-eared slider, a Mississippi map, three box turtles and a stinkpot along with a snake that is curled to form an head area for sitting. Autumn loved the area with seven large eggs, three with emerging turtles, surrounded by a sitting area.

There is even a serpent taking a bite out of the Highway 40 overpass!

Here I am with the kids, sitting on one of the turtles

Nathan and Autumn inside the mouth of a turtle

I love how tiny Nathan looks while he is running along the side of this turtle. This turtle is fun, because the kids can slide (well, scoot) down the back of its shell

And, look how tiny Autumn looks on the tail of this turtle!

Nathan on the tail of the turtle, too! But, a closer perspective! :)

Autumn giving a turtle love

Hee, hee! Sorry, had to share this one!

Autumn, on top of the world!

Nathan and Autumn riding a baby turtle

Kids climbing a turtle

Nathan on an egg that is hathing

Autumn relaxing on an egg.

Then, after Turtle Park, it was getting late so we went through the Steak N Shake drive though, and the kids ate on the drive back home. And, Nathan scored another one of their cardboard old-time cars. We had a good evening and they were both asleep in no time!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy Meal for Kids

If you know me, you know I love free stuff... I am on a lot of sites that give freebies to Moms like me, and She Speaks sent me a free box of Hornel Compleats Kids meals by mail.

I am not a big fan of microwave meals, anyone I work with knows that I rarely bring them to work. So, therefore, I haven't done the microwave meal thing with my kids. HOWEVER, I can't waste free microwave meals!

I did not think the kids would eat them, but surprisingly we have tried 3 of the 4 meals and the kids have loved ALL of them! I usually split one meal between the two of them, and then give them a fruit or vegetable on the side.

So far we have tried...

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Beef Ravioli and Mac and Beef. They are so easy, they are ready in 45 seconds. Great meal if you get home late. I wouldn't be sharing these if the kids hadn't of liked them. I have yet to look for them in the grocery store.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nathan's School Easter Party

Today was my LAST party as Room Mother for Nathan's school. I really love sharing all of Nathan's parties this year with him and his classmates, but WOW it was A LOT of work! I felt a little bit of relief today after the last party was over, next year I think I will take a break as being a Room Mother. I would rather be a helper for a party or two (not all of them) and maybe a field trip. I am doing Dream Lab right now, and I am learning how saying No is good, and saying Yes can be bad... So, after a year of doing so much, I think I am going to be more selective on my time when it comes to volunteering.

Here is Nathan eating with some of his classmates

For the kids Easter baskets, Mrs. M had them decorate an OJ carton in a previous class. The cartons were so cute! I had to help make all the eyes, and I helped glue on the pompom for the tail! Mrs. M said she had those large pom poms forever and never knew what to do with them until this bunny basket. She let the kids fill their bunny basket with grass, and isn't this picture a riot? Yep, that is what happens when you leave a bunch of 4 year olds alone with Easter grass!

Here is Nathan with his bunny

Here is Nathan during the egg hunt. Each child got a letter (Nathan had 'D'), and they had to hunt for the eggs that had 'D' on them. Each kid had 5 eggs each with their letter. It worked out really good.

Here is Nathan with his stash after the hunt. One Mom put a penny, water balloons and candy in her eggs. Of course, all of the kids wanted their 'water' balloons blown up. Uhh, no, it has been pouring rain here in STL for over 2 weeks, we do not need anymore water balloons! End of discussion.

The party went really well, and Nathan got picked to do the smart board (think chalk board, but hightech with touch screen). It was really neat to see him get up infront of the class to spell out APRIL on the smart board, and to count all of the days of the month. Then, Mrs. M had Nathan look outside to tell her the weather, whih was cloudy. He did really well.

Icecream Cone Cupcakes

Nathan's teacher asked that I come up with a snack for Nathan's Easter party at school, and I used a recipe out of my Pampered Chef cookbook, which is called Icecream Cone Cupcake Easter Baskets. Here are the ingredients (minus the stuff to decorate them).

First, take a mini cupcake tray, and put 24 of the small icecream cones in each hole

Take the cake mix box, and make the mix according to directions

Fill the icecream cones with the cake batter, leave 1" from the top empty.

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes, and then let cool and then frost. Aren't they CUTE? Little icecream cones!

Wow, transporting these things from my house to school was a little bit of a challenge. First, I put each cone inside a clear plastic cup. I have this really awesome cupcake carrying case, so I had to improvise it by putting some spices that were slightly taller than the icecream cones on the edges, so the icing wouldn't get smooshed by the upper tray.

Here is the final creation... now this is the one Nathan made at the class party. I had another Mom bringing all of the candy for it. But, to turn it into a basket you dye coconut with green food coloring and that is the grass for the basket. Then the mini jelly beans are the eggs, and the twizzler is the handle for the basket. So cute!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday List

I did not get a lot accomplished this week, with it being the week before Easter. But, that is ok :)

1. Clean/Organize Basement - Play Area. This is the last part of the basement that I need to clean, sort through and organize. I am SO excited that I have contained the toys to just a 1/3 area of the basement. You do not realize how good it will feel once I get this last part completed, out of control toy clutter drives me crazy! :o)- My Mom was over for Easter and I showed her the progress I have done on the basement, and she agreed, that WOW all the toys are in just one area instead of strewed ALL through the basement. Yay, to that! I will be sure to post some AFTER pictures... I should have taken before ones...yikes.

2. Craig's List. Just keeping this on here as a reminder. :o)

3. Reading - I am reading Water for Elephants right now. I am 12% in, as I did not get a lot of time to read this last week. I am hoping to get the Pillars mini-series this week, and I cannot wait to watch it. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The kids came home from church, to find eggs sprinkled all over the house. Nathan found this egg under the pillow on his bed in his room.

Nathan is really into nature right now, so he was so excited when he saw that the Easter bunny brought him an inexpensive wind chime.

Autumn, trying to hold more eggs than her arms have room for :o)- Big Bro gave her quite a challenge when it came to finding the eggs the quickest.

The kids and their baskets. Not the best shot, but... they just wouldn't cooperate!! ;o)-

Autumn decided to pose for me in her basket. So cute!


The Easter Bunny got the kids both Spongebob and Dora 3D outdoor chalk, complete with 3D glasses. Nathan made a runway for his jet.

Autumn just loves to line anything and everything up. So cute how she is lining up the chalk.

Easter Bunny also brought the kids some small gifts (yes, I know, they are very spoiled)... Nathan can now practice for his first t-ball game this Saturday, since all of his practices (except ONE!) has been canceled do to rain or tornado warnings this past month!

And, Autumn got a Baby Princess with bed. She finally smiled for me! I wonder why! Ha, ha!

The Night Before Easter

We have a family tradition, where the kids both get in Nathan's bed and I read them a couple of books before bed time. Last night, I gave them both some bunny ears! Autumn wrinkled her nose at me and refused to wear hers, but Nathan put his on.

I read them The Night Before Easter last night. They both really enjoyed it! This is our second year of reading it... There are several other "The Night Before..." books in this series, they are really cute.

Nathan's School's Egg Hunt

We have really had some crazy weather in St. Louis lately... nonstop clouds and rain, TORNADOES, you name it. We arrived at Nathan's school for the egg hunt on Saturday, and luckily it was sprinkling off and on. I had to get a cute picture of the kids under my umbrella.

Look at ALL of those eggs! Last year they did the egg hunt on the field, but this year it was on the playground and surrounding grassy area. The older kids got to hunt for the eggs on the playground, and 5 and under (Nathan and Autumn) got to hunt for eggs on the field side.

We went inside until the egg hunt started, so we could stay dry. Aren't the Spongebob and Minnie Mouse egg baskets cute? My Mom got those for the kids, they are HUGE!

This is a cute, cute picture of the kids running outside... Little Autumn, trying so hard to catch up to BroBro! They announced the egg hunt was ready to start, so off they went!

Nathan ran and ran to get all the eggs he could get.

Sissy took her time getting her eggs. Because of the weather, it was a small turn out (compared to last year!!), so the smaller kids could really take their time getting eggs which was nice.

So happy with their eggs after the hunt.

Nathan checking out his stash after the hunt.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Cars photos...

Remember how we went to see the Pixar Cars at the Museum of Transport? Well, they took free photos, and here they are... the family photo isn't too shabby, except Auttie looks >a little cross. :o)- The one of Nathan is darling.

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