Curly Crafty Mom: Easter Egg Dying

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Egg Dying

SpongeBob and Dora visited our house today. They were ready for some Easter egg dying!

Nathan looks annoyed here because ALL Mommy wanted was a nice cute picture of both kids smiling and holding an egg up. But, NO, all he wanted to do was get started... Kids!

Dying eggs :)

I have an bunny egg stamper kit, that the kids just love. It comes with 5 bunny stampers, and a paint brush. Autumn really enjoyed this, where Nathan enjoyed plopping his eggs into the colors more.

Stamping her eggs. Altho, her stamping is a little messy. Ha, ha!

Nathan painting his eggs

Nathan was so proud of his eggs. He is still wearing his hospital band from his asthma attack, he refuses to take the darn thing off. Its been taped back together several times... eventually it may just dissolve off of him ;)

Then we went inside, and the kids were so sweet. They washed alllll of the dying cups and stampers for me.

Then, once the eggs were dry I let the kids put some stickers on them.

Autumn liked to put ALL her stickers on top of each other. Her hands are really stained from the dye :) Maybe she'll figure out those egg holders next year :)

Nathan amazed me... he ate one of the hard boiled eggs! And, he is MR. PICKY!

Autumn had never tasted anything SO gross in her life.

All of our finished eggs. So pretty.
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