Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The kids came home from church, to find eggs sprinkled all over the house. Nathan found this egg under the pillow on his bed in his room.

Nathan is really into nature right now, so he was so excited when he saw that the Easter bunny brought him an inexpensive wind chime.

Autumn, trying to hold more eggs than her arms have room for :o)- Big Bro gave her quite a challenge when it came to finding the eggs the quickest.

The kids and their baskets. Not the best shot, but... they just wouldn't cooperate!! ;o)-

Autumn decided to pose for me in her basket. So cute!


The Easter Bunny got the kids both Spongebob and Dora 3D outdoor chalk, complete with 3D glasses. Nathan made a runway for his jet.

Autumn just loves to line anything and everything up. So cute how she is lining up the chalk.

Easter Bunny also brought the kids some small gifts (yes, I know, they are very spoiled)... Nathan can now practice for his first t-ball game this Saturday, since all of his practices (except ONE!) has been canceled do to rain or tornado warnings this past month!

And, Autumn got a Baby Princess with bed. She finally smiled for me! I wonder why! Ha, ha!
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