Curly Crafty Mom: Mall Play

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mall Play

The last couple of Friday's I have taken the kids somewhere fun after work, and they have really enjoyed it. Last week we went to a park close to my parents house, and we were going to go to Turtle Park this week, but a storm blew in so I decided to keep it simple and I took them to the play area in the mall.

This is a really nice way to unwind at the end of the week. The kids ran around the play area and I sat there and relaxed. Not bad! I have never taken them to the mall play area before, either... which is a little surprising! But, they had fun! Here is a picture of them together in the car... not the best picture, but oh well! :)

They had this really neat rock that Nathan loved to slide down... it took Autumn a good 30 minutes to figure out how to climb up it, but she was determined and finally did get up on top to slide down a few times!

I have been trying to think of some more fun little outings with the kids on Fridays. I think I want to try to keep them simple yet fun. Plus, there is so many things to do in the summer. I think it'll be a fun summer tradition, plus it gives me a little time to spend with them before Jeremi has them all weekend (on his weekends, like this week). I think I am going to try to keep the outings to about an hour, short and sweet... Here are some other ideas I have...

Swimming at the Rec's indoor pool

Picnic at the Sculpture Park

Scavenger Hunt in the backyard

A walk on a paved trail

Turtle Park

Fountain Play at a Park

McDonalds or Chick Fila Play areas/Dinner Out

Frisbee Play at a Park

Picnic in the Backyard

Mini Golf

If you have an idea, post it!
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