Curly Crafty Mom: Monday List

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday List

1. Clean/Organize Basement - I am making such wonderful progress on this, and all thanks to my list! It has kept me going... I finished the exercise/train table area and also vacuumed and carpet shampooed the office area.

I have an area set up for Nathan's birthday gift, I have decided to make him a N train layout. It is much smaller than the HO scale (the layout will be half the size), so it won't take as much room. I went to a specialty train hobby store in St. Charles this weekend and bought a lot of farm stuff for it. I want to replicate my Grandfather's farm. Everything is SO tiny, they had cows along with cow poop- I was laughing over that. I just need to find a barn and tractor still, but I did find a farm house!

Now, I have to work on the LAST section... The play area! And, its a HUGE mess. Can't wait.

2. Craig's List. I am going to wait till I finish the toy section, then work on posting some of the toys. I need to decide Good Will versus Craigs List, though.

3. Reading - I finished Pillars! And, wow, what a good read. There is a little of everything in this story, but my favorite was Aliena's story, and then later her story with Jack. Definitely some gruesome parts, especially when William was involved... Reading all about the architecture of how churches were created (and how they found money to fund them) was really fascinating. Now, I have started Water for Elephants, as everyone at my work has already ready it and is raving about it. I hope to finish it before I see it at the theater. It is definitely a quick read! Now, I may see if I can download the mini series. Has anyone seen it? Is it good?
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