Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's School Easter Party

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nathan's School Easter Party

Today was my LAST party as Room Mother for Nathan's school. I really love sharing all of Nathan's parties this year with him and his classmates, but WOW it was A LOT of work! I felt a little bit of relief today after the last party was over, next year I think I will take a break as being a Room Mother. I would rather be a helper for a party or two (not all of them) and maybe a field trip. I am doing Dream Lab right now, and I am learning how saying No is good, and saying Yes can be bad... So, after a year of doing so much, I think I am going to be more selective on my time when it comes to volunteering.

Here is Nathan eating with some of his classmates

For the kids Easter baskets, Mrs. M had them decorate an OJ carton in a previous class. The cartons were so cute! I had to help make all the eyes, and I helped glue on the pompom for the tail! Mrs. M said she had those large pom poms forever and never knew what to do with them until this bunny basket. She let the kids fill their bunny basket with grass, and isn't this picture a riot? Yep, that is what happens when you leave a bunch of 4 year olds alone with Easter grass!

Here is Nathan with his bunny

Here is Nathan during the egg hunt. Each child got a letter (Nathan had 'D'), and they had to hunt for the eggs that had 'D' on them. Each kid had 5 eggs each with their letter. It worked out really good.

Here is Nathan with his stash after the hunt. One Mom put a penny, water balloons and candy in her eggs. Of course, all of the kids wanted their 'water' balloons blown up. Uhh, no, it has been pouring rain here in STL for over 2 weeks, we do not need anymore water balloons! End of discussion.

The party went really well, and Nathan got picked to do the smart board (think chalk board, but hightech with touch screen). It was really neat to see him get up infront of the class to spell out APRIL on the smart board, and to count all of the days of the month. Then, Mrs. M had Nathan look outside to tell her the weather, whih was cloudy. He did really well.
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