Curly Crafty Mom: School Snack

Sunday, April 3, 2011

School Snack

At Nathan's school, all the parents take turns bringing a snack for snack time. The teacher forgot to tell me I needed to bring the snack until the day before, so I landed up at Target last minute. I found these cute little Spongebob and Dora snack bags for $1.00 each. As most of you know, my two kids just love both of these characters! I just love Target's $1 spot!

Then, I got popcorn, pretzels, peanuts (no peanut allergies in his class, thankfully!), and Easter M&M's and made a homemade trail mix. It turned out to be a pretty big hit, although Nathan said at school they gave him a Dora bag and he was too shy to ask for a Spongebob bag! LOL! I told him, don't worry, I have plenty more Spongebob bags at home! He said even the teachers ate the snacks, and Mrs. M had a Spongebob bag! Guess that was pretty exciting to Mr. Nathan. Ha, ha!
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