Curly Crafty Mom: Turtle Playground

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Turtle Playground

So, I have been trying to do something fun with the kids on some Friday nights after work... and, this week I decided to take them to Turtle Park, which is across from the Zoo.

So you may ask, what is at Turtle Park? Well, uhhh... turtles! Actually, there is a snapping turtle, a soft-shelled turtle, a red-eared slider, a Mississippi map, three box turtles and a stinkpot along with a snake that is curled to form an head area for sitting. Autumn loved the area with seven large eggs, three with emerging turtles, surrounded by a sitting area.

There is even a serpent taking a bite out of the Highway 40 overpass!

Here I am with the kids, sitting on one of the turtles

Nathan and Autumn inside the mouth of a turtle

I love how tiny Nathan looks while he is running along the side of this turtle. This turtle is fun, because the kids can slide (well, scoot) down the back of its shell

And, look how tiny Autumn looks on the tail of this turtle!

Nathan on the tail of the turtle, too! But, a closer perspective! :)

Autumn giving a turtle love

Hee, hee! Sorry, had to share this one!

Autumn, on top of the world!

Nathan and Autumn riding a baby turtle

Kids climbing a turtle

Nathan on an egg that is hathing

Autumn relaxing on an egg.

Then, after Turtle Park, it was getting late so we went through the Steak N Shake drive though, and the kids ate on the drive back home. And, Nathan scored another one of their cardboard old-time cars. We had a good evening and they were both asleep in no time!
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