Curly Crafty Mom: Art Fair at Laumeier Sculpture Park

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art Fair at Laumeier Sculpture Park

Today I took the kids to the Laumeier Sculpture Park art fair that they have every Mother's Day weekend. It was so much fun!! Here are the 'professional' hula hoopers. Wow. I was amazed. I really cannot hula hoop for the life of me.

Of course, you cannot go to Laumeier without a visit to see the Eye.

They have a really neat kids area at the fair. Here is Nathan at the pottery wheel. I didn't realize that the wheel turns differently if you are right handed or left handed. Learn something new everywhere!

Closeup of the wheel.

There are these three cubes at the park, and the kids were having fun playing peak a boo in them.

Another cute thing at the kids craft area was they let the kids make wind chimes. The kids LOVED them! Nathan and Autumn put beads on a pipe cleaner, and Nathan made a cloud cut out of part of a milk gallon container then added the chimes on. Autumn's wind chime had half a plastic Easter egg. At least I could keep track of where they were by the ding, ding, dinging!
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