Curly Crafty Mom: Birthday COUNT DOWN

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am to the point now where, I reallllly cannot wait until Nathan is 5. It is very sentimental, and I have teared up thinking that my baby will be 5. But, then there is the 500 questions every day about his birthday party and gifts that is starting to drive Mommy a little, tiny, smidge bit crazy. ;) A couple of other bloggers that I follow have made a birthday count down chain for their kids, and I thought this would be fun to do with Nathan. I added a twist to his and had him write the date on each link in order to practice drawing his numbers. So, for today's link we put 7 and then on each link we counted up to 17 (his birthday!).

Making the chain. I guess he did one of these at school to count down till Easter, because he said the Easter chain he made at school had a yellow chain for Easter.

Taping chain up on his closet door


Nathan tearing off a link. Of course, Mr. Pack Rat who cannot throw anything away removed it delicately from the chain as in not to tear it and he tapped it by itself on the side of his hutch. Silly boy!

Close up of the link. So fun!
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