Curly Crafty Mom: Day 2 of Our Staycation. Another birthday party! Nathan's class party.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2 of Our Staycation. Another birthday party! Nathan's class party.

I decided to do a party with Nathan's classroom this year since he was turning the big -5-! His party was at the Museum of Transportation, which is perfect because Nathan loves him some trains! Here he is with his sister by the bell.

Autumn in front of a steam engine

Since it wasn't raining, the kids even got to go inside some of the trains today, here they are looking out a window.

Nathan and Autumn 'sleeping' on the train.

When it was time for the party, we headed over to the Creation Station. This is a room with a lot of different play areas with different types of transportation themes.

Here are most of the kids in the boat. You can see Autumn with the pirate hat at the wheel. So cute!

Autumn and Bonnie on the ship. Autumn is such a silly girl, she was carrying a cantaloupe around with her EVERYWHERE the entire party.

Autumn once again with that silly cantaloupe!

She really is a silly girl... I happened to catch her throwing a cupcake out the window.

Nathan had fun in the boat, too!

Puppet show

Auttie's kitchen.

Bonnie with her three Rosie trains

Snack time, the kids got a juice box, pretzels and gummy treats

These are the cookies my Mom got for the party from Lubeley's. So cute! Steam engines with a number five on them.

Nathan with his birthday candle and cookie

Opening gifts

Then, we had to take a ride to get to the ride on the train :)

Nathan by his beloved steam engine

Sitting in the front of the train, they had a lot of fun on the ride... lots of screaming (it wasn't all that scary, but they had fun!).

After the train ride the kids all got a helium balloon and favor bag. I loved how the favor bags had a free pass to come back to the Museum of Transportation in them. We will definitely be using it!

Nathan's gifts at home... he loves all of them, especially the huge nerf gun and the Lego gas tanker semi. Thanks everyone!
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