Curly Crafty Mom: Day 3 StayCation! Chuckie Cheese, Sunflowers and Potty Training!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3 StayCation! Chuckie Cheese, Sunflowers and Potty Training!

This morning I took Nathan to his last class AT school (his real last day is Wednesday, and everyone is invited to a picnic at a park)... He brought home a folder stuffed full of artwork and a letter book to practice all of his letters over the summer. Each page has a letter for us to work with. He also had a present in his cubby from his friend Dylan, since he had to miss the party yesterday. It was a Pixar Cars water face mask, inner tube and flippers for the pool! So fun! While Nathan was in school, Autumn and I ran to Lowes to get some flowers for my yard, which I usually would have done by now but we have had SO much rain I haven't had a chance! Then, we went home and I put her in her Dora undies, and explained to her that she needs to pee on the potty now. So far, no accidents, but I am putting her in Pull Ups for when we are not at the house (and for her nap), and a diaper for bed time. It is a start... It is sort of what we did with Nathan. She is doing well in the undies by using the potty but as soon as I put a pull up on her she will pee in it! Argh!!

After Nathan got out of school, we picked up Grandma and took the kids to Chuckie Cheese for lunch. I really like to take them here during the week because it is not crowded and actually enjoyable, so that is what we did! It stormed the entire time we were inside, I hate all of this scary weather we have been having with high winds and tornados! The kids ate REALLY good, but can you blame them? The pizza is so yummy!


The first two rides they wanted to go on? The horses (or ponies as Autumn likes to call them!), of course!

Mom watched Nathan while I chased after Autumn... Autumn was crazy in there, she would ask me to put money in for a ride, then she would get tired of it and leave it and ask to put money in another game! I had to remind her to stick with the ride until it was over. She was just overwhelmed by all of the choices!


Autumn is quite brave. They have these tunnels all around the ceiling at Chuckie Cheese, and you have to climb up these wedge steps to get up there. Autumn got all the way up there, and then walked/crawled through all of the tubes. She had SO much fun! Until, she couldn't figure out how to get down! She started crying and looking at me through the glass up in the ceiling! I felt so bad, so I sent Nathan up there (thank goodness I had Nathan to help her, because I doubt I would fit!) and he got her to go down the slide. I was surprised she didn't want to go back up because she was all smiles at first, but I didn't push it :o)-

After Chuckie Cheese, I had to run Nathan to his 5 year well visit. He is doing really well, but he is a skinny minny, 35 lbs (he was 32 lbs last year!) and 41.5". If I remember correctly, he was 10% for weight and 25% for height. Nathan went through a REALLY picky phase for over a year, and he is just now starting to really eat and finish his plate... so I really hope this next year is a year he starts packing on some weight!! The doctor wasn't concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be... otherwise, everything else went really well and we got the physical form for school!

On the way home, Autumn fell asleep, so I put her down for her nap once we got home. After the storm, the temps dropped a little so it was really nice outside so Nathan and I stepped outside and I worked on planting some pots with my annuals I got that morning and he looked for worms (ugh! boys!!!!). I filled a pot with dirt so that the kids could plant their sunflower seeds today. Every year we plant sunflowers, and they really enjoy seeing them grow. This year I selected red sunflowers, which Nathan is sort of complaining about, but it will be something different. Last year the sunflowers didn't even come up, but I tried to plant them in my main bed... so, this year we are planting them in a pot again like we did the first year.

Look at those dirt covered hands! Here is Nathan selecting a seed to place in the dirt.


Nathan is really into nature this Spring, and so he was just so excited to plant his sunflowers seeds. He used the tip of a highlighter to press the dirt down just a little to make a hole for each of his seeds, then he covered them back up with dirt again.

I had to wait until Autumn woke up from her nap, but here she is getting her seeds out to plant her sunflowers with.

Here she is planting her seeds. Such a cutie.

Tomorrow we are going to try to go strawberry picking, if the weather isn't bad. Unfortuantly, there is going to be a lot of severe weather this week.
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