Curly Crafty Mom: Day 4 StayCation! Strawberry Picking

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4 StayCation! Strawberry Picking

The forecast said storms and rain alllll week, but the weather hasn't been all that bad! Today I took the kids to Eckerts for our third year in the row to strawberry pick! Every year it has been a different adventure... I looked back, and the first year I had to carry Autumn everywhere because she was a baby and had socks on and Nathan was the same age Autumn is now! The 2nd year, Autumn fell in a huge mud puddle and Nathan looked so grown up. This year was the best year yet, and was the year of munching. Strawberry munching. It is funny, because I looked back on previous years and there just was not a lot of strawberry munching going on... there was strawberry squishing in hands, but not munching. This year, the kids filled their little bellies all up with yummy strawberries.

Since I am in hardly any of these photos, I had to include the lame-o picture of us on the shuttle bus that took us from the parking lot to the strawberry fields

My little road runner had fun running up and down the row in search for juicy, juicy strawberries


The kids had a lot of fun picking


And, SCORE! The perfect strawberry.


Then, after picking out the perfect berry... munching... And, I must admit. I may have munched some, too! Look at these red and juicy strawberries! Yummmm-ah-licious!

There was a little bit of comparing of this and that strawberry between the two.

A little bit of stealing from an easy source...

And, this year we avoided mud puddles, but we didn't avoid ripe strawberry mush.

And, here we are with our strawberries. Every year I have been excited to select and make a new strawberry recipe... it is a lot of fun for me. So, be prepared for a STRAWBERRY CAKE from scratch recipe (with cream cheese icing) blog post in the near future!

My two strawberry lovers. And, Autumn really is a strawberry here in her strawberry dress!

And, you can't leave Eckerts without having some fried biscuits in their restaurant before you leave! They actually have two restaurants now... a diner and then their old homestyle cooking restaurant is still there.

Lots of fun! We ended the day with Nathan's t-ball practice. Tomorrow is his last day of school, a preschool class picnic!
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