Curly Crafty Mom: Monday List

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday List

This Monday list has really helped me achieve a lot of things that have been nagging at me forever, which in result has made me feel like I have made some achievements!

1. Clean/Organize Basement - Play Area. Before Jeremi moved out, he had dumped a lot of the toys in HUGE storage containers. I have started to dump these out and sort through all of the toys and put them where they belong (Geotrax stuff goes with Geotrax stuff, etc.). Once I get this done, I will almost be done! Then I just need to finish vacuuming and shampooing the carpet. I can't wait to take after pictures. I still haven't had time to figure out what I want to try to sell on Craig's List, so I am going to push this off the list for now.

2. Mail Pile - I have a HUGE pile of mail on the bottom of my buffet rack that I need to sort through and file into my binders. Its getting pretty tall. But, hey, at least it isn't all over my table :)

3. Reading - I can't believe how much I have set aside time to read since I have started this list. There are so many books that I REALLY want to read, and I enjoy reading so this has been great. It also gives me time to SIT and relax, which is good as I am such a busybody! I went from 12% to 57% this week! I hope I can finish it so that I can see it in the theater the weekend after Mother's Day (kids free weekend!)

4. Landscaping in Backyard - Before it gets H-O-T, I am going to have a friend help me work on repairing some of the landscaping in my backyard that got messed up when we had a fence put in last year. We went out there and sort of 'discussed' how to bring out the bed and will be working on that first. I can't wait.

Running is in my near future, and I cannot wait to start again. Due to some reasons beyond my control, I had to give it up for awhile. But, I am hoping to start again on June 1st, and hope to sign up for the go! Halloween 10k again and a Warrior Dash this fall. I hope to do more running outside on the Jefferson Barracks trail.
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