Curly Crafty Mom: Monday List

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday List

1. Clean/Organize Basement - This is pretty much done, I just need to vacuum and carpet shampoo the section by the windows. I also need to clean the bathroom down there. It looks so much better. I will post pictures whenever I get it all done.

2. Mail Pile - Done! Now, sadly, I need to organize all of my divorce papers! I have a huge pile... so, that is next. What fun! (Not!)

3. Reading - Still reading Susan J. Elliot's Getting Past Your Breakup. 77% through! I think I am going to read Hunger Games next.

4. Landscaping in Backyard - The hard part of this is done, as the bed is brought out more and I moved a few perennials over. Now, I need to decide what I need to buy to grow in there so there is something blooming through Spring/Summer/Fall. I will probably do this the next time Jeremi has the kids (in a couple of weeks).

5. Running - I finally got back on the treadmill! I am starting back at it slow, only 2.5 miles at a time... I plan to build back up to where I was in the next couple of months. I want to definitely do the Halloween Go! 10K in October again, and I should be ready for it. I plan to start out running 2.5 miles, four times a week for a total of 10 miles a week. Hope to get back to 15 miles a week sometime, though. It feels so good to get back into running. Once I can do 3 miles, I hope to do some more outdoor running as there is a trail (Grants Trail) close to my Mom's where Jeremi picks the kids up at, so I may try to run it a couple of times week if the weather isn't too HOT.
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