Curly Crafty Mom: Monday To Do's!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday To Do's!

This is going to be a hectic week, tomorrow is Nathan's 5th birthday. WHERE, oh where has time gone? This weekend I have not one, but TWO birthday parties planned for Nathan. Saturday will be the family party and Sunday the party with his classmates! I am going to be soooo, soooo, soooo busy. A fun kind of busy, but yet busy. But, there is rest in site... because, next week is a STAYCATION from work! Yes! I cannot wait!

1. Clean/Organize Basement - Play Area. This will be done this week, before Nathan's party. No exceptions! ;o)-

2. Mail Pile - Still haven't touched. :-(

3. Reading - Water for Elephants. FINISHED! Loved the ending of this book! I went and saw it this weekend at Great Escape, and wow, they really did change the movie from the book. As always, the book is much better :) I have started a new book, and I am already 55% through it, it is a book by Susan J. Elliot called Getting Past Your Breakup. A few people from my old Dream Lab class suggested this book, and it really has helped me a lot... it helps you understand why your last relationship didn't work, how to grieve properly, and to not repeat the cycle again in your future relationships. It also tells you to respect yourself, and to not be a victim to someone who doesn't. It says no or very little communication is crucial for getting past the breakup. There is also a chapter that covers children and how to comfort them through the process, and how to deal with problems that may come up with their father. It has been really helpful to me so far, and there is a lot of writing exercises in the book that are quite valuable.

4. Landscaping in Backyard - It was CHILLY this weekend! I didn't even get my flowers planted!

5. I am feeling back up to running again... No go, my entire household has been sick this last week, and I am still getting over this cold. I hope to get some runs in this week. I really miss running.
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