Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day


Even though Jeremi and I are going through a divorce, I still wanted the kids to give something to their Daddy for Father's Day. I decided to do this cute handprint card, where I traced both kids hands, then it says, "I love you" on the first hand, then you open it up and it says, "This MUCH"... and, on the back of the bottom hand I wrote, "Happy Father's Day". It turned out pretty cute. Then, Autumn colored a piece of construction paper and we folded it in half and put a Wehrenberg Theatre giftcard in there for him.

Then, I took the kids to the dollar store this morning so they could select 3 gifts each for Daddy. They also got Daddy a balloon (only $1, hey its the dollar store!), too. Nathan selected:
1. Boy with Worm knick knack (this is perfect, because Nathan LOVES worms!)
2. Bug Holder Watch (because Daddy collects watches)
3. Wooden Train wall hanger (Nathan likes trains, so Daddy should decorate his apartment with them, right?)

Then, Autumn got Daddy:
1. Pink and White Polka Dot Dish Towel (because she is Daddy's little helper in the kitchen!)
2. Cat Knick Knack (because she loves kitties and Daddy should have one)
3. Flat Glass Marbles (she just liked these)

This was a really cute and inexpensive way to get the kids into selecting their Dad's own gift for Father's Day and it was fun to see what they picked out. I got this idea from Trena's blog. :o)-
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