Curly Crafty Mom: Lists

Monday, June 20, 2011


I have really been into making LISTS lately. I have lots and lots of things I have buzzing around in my mind that I want to knock out... mainly around the house. Its crazy, but I sat down and typed out a list to see just how many things I could come up with. And, I decided to stop at 100... because, how good would it feel to accomplish these 100 items! So, I decided to start a separate blog instead of posting my Monday list here every week. Plus, I have gotten back into reading and running, so those don't really need to be added as 'to-do' action items anymore. It has really helped me to write these things down and to pick 9 of them every week... its the only way I can motivate myself lately it seems. I am hoping to knock them dead by September 1st. Anyway, here it is... my overly ambitious 100 To Do's blog:

100 To Do's
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