Curly Crafty Mom: Meatballs

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, I have been having some refrigerator issues lately... Nothing that couldn't be fixed. :o)- First, my water/ice dispenser started acting up, in that I would push my cup and it WOULDN'T stop!! !! Yes, the water would not stop! Or the ice! I figured out if I pushed another button on the control, it would stop (like if I pushed the ice button, it'd stop pouring out water!).

W40 in the right places on the dispenser knob fixed this problem. :)

But, then... while fixing that problem, somehow I accidentally hit the button that lets you turn down the freezer's temperature. I didn't even notice, until my ice dispenser wouldn't give me crushed ice! Just uncrushed! What had happened was some of the ice had melted and refroze on the blades so it couldn't crush the ice. Grrr! So, I took the whole thing out, dumped out the ice, and let it air dry overnight.

HOWEVER, during dinner last night... some little girl decided she didn't want to eat her meatballs. And, some big boy was complaining about wanting ice. So, I went to show Nathan our ice bucket was empty, so it could dry and... what did I see?????? MEATBALLS!!! Autumn had somehow out of my vision chucked her meatballs over into the ice bucket! THAT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cleaned it out, its dry... and, everything is all happy again in ice and water land at my house!
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