Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's BIG GIRL Bed!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Autumn's BIG GIRL Bed!

Jeremi had the kids this weekend, so I was a busy getting Autumn's BIG GIRL bed (eeee!!!!) ready for her. It was A LOT of work, because I had to clean and repaint the headboard, which was mine when I was her age. She has all of my old furniture in her room, and I love it! I also got her mattress and had so much fun putting the Dora bedding on it. I am normally a Pottery Barn Kids fan when it comes to kids bedding, but this little girl would love for nothing more then a Dora bed. So, Dora she got! I think it turned out really, really cute! Also, the headboard pulls open and has a SECRET storage area! I am not sure what I will do with the hutch, but for now it hosts ALL of her baby dolls!

And, Autumn's reaction when she got in her Dora bed. BIG, BIG SMILE! Awwwhhh! It made all the hard work so worth it!

First night, a sucess! Within a 30 minutes she did get out of bed TEN times. 4 times to go potty, 3 times begging for Cheese Its (she LOVES Cheese Its- even though I am not a fan of bed time snacks!) and 1 time to ask me to go nighty with her in her Dora bed. Isn't she cute?
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