Curly Crafty Mom: Bowling Round 3!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bowling Round 3!

We are really enjoying our Kids Bowl Free passes this summer. Its amazing how much better the kids have gotten at bowling by just going one time every month. Last Friday we went with my coworker and her daughter. We had a lot of fun!

Here is Jill and her daughter Emilie. Emilie was afraid I was going to take her ball! She took it back with her to her seat every time after she bowled. It was cute!

Nathan can drive me nuts sometimes. For one, he kept asking me who was winning (he wasn't) and by how many pins, etc., etc. He must have asked me this question at least a bazillion-kamillion times. Then, everytime I wanted to take a picture of Autumn, he had to stick his big smiley face in the way!!! 5 year olds!! Errhhh!!! You can tell he is having a lot of fun!

Nathan is really into bowling and we had never taken him before this summer

Autumn having her doll help her bowl. So sweet!
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