Curly Crafty Mom: Summer Swim Classes

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Swim Classes

Usually every Spring I sign both kids up for swim classes at the YMCA, however this last Spring the classes were booked for them to go at the same time... so, I looked into the recreation center in Arnold and found Saturday classes for them at the same time and at HALF the price! Plus, its a newer facility, which I like since the YMCA in South County needs an facelift! Here are the kids on the bench. No, I did not plan for Autumn to be in such a festive 4th of July swimsuit, this is her summer swimsuit that we got free from Janna that I met on BBC.

Autumn's class is really fun, because I get to be in the pool with her! Look at her big smile!

Autumn on the noodle. We get to go in the lazy river for this part of the class. So fun!

Then, we are in the shallow part and we play with some water toys, and we do the 'Pancake' song which Autumn just loves. She always wants bananas in her pancakes!

Here is Nathan in his class... I am hoping Nathan will learn to swim this summer, but I think it is going to take more then this class. He is really good in the water, just quite not there yet. Here they are playing with some sticks...


Here are some more pictures of Nathan in his swim class.

The kids are always STARVING after swimming! Today we went to Cracker Barrel after swim class with Grandma and Pa and they were good eaters!
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