Curly Crafty Mom: Belated First Day of Kindergarten Post!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belated First Day of Kindergarten Post!

I woke up at 5:00am sharp on the first day of Kindergarten for Nathan, and I was puzzled when I woke up and couldn't quite remember what was happening today that was such a BIG DEAL. Well, it only took a matter of seconds before it registered in my mind that today was NATHAN'S FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. Oh my.

Where did 5 years go... My baby is no longer a baby... he's a Kindergartner! (Yes, I told him to pose with his hands in his pockets for this one. Ha!)

Of course, Cars2 was his choice for backpack.

Here I am with my KINDERGARTNER. I was doing so well with keeping the tears back, until Mom told me she was surprised I wasn't crying after I got in my car to leave. I started to tear up then. Such a big day. I am so proud of all of the progress Nathan has made in his life. He went from starting Preschool 3 with sensory issues that he overcame and now he dives into finger paints and coloring. Preschool 4 was where Nathan really started asking questions, and mastered writing his name and all the letters. What will Preschool 5 bring? So far he has really been interested in addition, and how to spell words...

I love you Nathan. Please promise me the next year will go by just a little slower?

This little one has ONE more year until she starts Preschool 3.

Off he goes... into a new classroom where he will learn in God's light with all of his friends (new and old).

Nathan at his table. He sits with 4 other classmates, all of which I know he gets along with really well from working as a Room Mother last year. So happy with who Mrs. M sat him with!

All the classrooms at Nathan's school have smart boards, which I am very excited about. The green color? Not sure if I am excited about that. :o)-

The back of the classroom.
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