Curly Crafty Mom: First Mini Golf Game

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Mini Golf Game

I decided to take the kids to play miniature golf today by this place we drive by quite often-- Tower Tee. Nathan always sees the steam engine when we drive by and always asks for me to take him there. Nathan did a great job playing, he took it very seriously and got the ball in within 3-5 hits. Not too bad for his first time!

Autumn didn't do so good. She actually spent the entire time wandering around and watching Nathan and I play. Thankfully there was a fence around the miniature golf, so it wasn't hard to keep an eye on her... plus, she usually just wandered from where we were playing to the one ahead of us and back... Silly girl! She just could not hit the ball, she kept swinging at the air! LOL! Next year will be a better year! She had fun exploring, though!

Autumn is always on the look out for BABIES. And, she found one!

I love this shot I got of Nathan, the ball is actually in the air and going into the hole.

I love lighthouses, so of course I had to get a picture of Nathan next to the lighthouse.

Auttie wandered ahead of us again... it looks like she's in a jungle!

Lastly, Nathan's favorite. The steam engine!

Don't ask what the score was, I didn't even keep score! LOL!

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