Curly Crafty Mom: Froggies

Monday, August 22, 2011


Nathan begged and begged for a pet frog for months and I finally caved. I wish I hadn't of caved, but I did and now I am the owner (notice how I say that I am, not Nathan) of two frogs. Two frogs that croak unlike any frog I have ever heard at whee hours of the night. They are a little cute I guess, aside from the fact that they eat crickets that need protein powder sprinkled on them. YUCH!

Both the frogs look the same to me... which, I guess doesn't matter because Nathan could never decide on a name for them. He sort of just calls them both 'Sammy' because Grandma Mary used to have a pet frog named Sammy.

The two frogs do seem to like each other... and, I am pretty sure they are male/male or female/female because I haven't seen any baby froggies yet (thank GOODNESS).

I thought the reflection in the water of the frog is sort of neat in this photo.
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