Curly Crafty Mom: Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

I have heard about this covered bridge that is out on Hwy. 21 and I have been wanting to take the kids there for quite some time (its also on my summer list!). Today, I finally got them there and it was awesome fun!


Here are some pictures of the bridge, its looks like an old barn. It is about 30 miles outside St. Louis in Goldman, Missouri. It was worth the drive, such a beautiful backdrop to lots of pictures. :o)-

The kids left me in the dust to get to the bridge. I had to get a picture of their little motor legs.

Standing with the kids inside the bridge.

Here are the kids sitting inside the bridge, and actually smiling for me!


And, of course, I had to get in the pictures with the kids. :o)-

Being silly

Of course, exploring UNDER the bridge was way more fun according to Nathan... Here is a picture of the bridge from below, you can see the reflection of the water on the bottom side of the bridge.

Another view from the bottom

I thought this was a cute picture of the kids. Autumn was lifting her dress up (not so much here), and Nathan's looking at her like she's a bratty little Sissy (they really do love each other!).

Boyland. Nathan loooved the water in the creek and all of the little fish. He kept telling me to catch one, but there was no way. Plus, we already have frogs, we don't need a fish!

Cute little wet tushie

And, while Nathan was trying to catch fish, Autumn was trying to catch bugs

Autumn loved the sand, but she wasn't so sure of that creek water

Love this photo of Autumn, where the shadow starts at the top of her skirt and her little curly fuzzy hair is full of sunshine.
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