Curly Crafty Mom: End of Summer

Friday, September 2, 2011

End of Summer

On June 13th, I made a Summer To Do List for the kids and for myself. Amazingly, I did everything on the list with the kids except visiting Whitecliff and Watson Trails park. It was really hard to get outside to enjoy the parks this summer, because it was SO HOT. But, we did make it to Tower Grove park twice. The only other item we missed on the list, is we didn't use our free bowling passes in August-- but, we did use them in May, June and July!

I didn't hit nearly as many of the to do's on my list, such as hiking in Elephant Rocks, redo my bedroom, outdoor concert, Soulard Market (although, I did go to the Tower Grove market), art museum and redoing the landscaping. However, I did get myself running outside more and finished a 5K. I also enjoyed a sunset dinner at Montelle Winery, and the view was breathtaking! Lastly, a HUGE accomplishment for me, I knocked out 52 items on my 100 Items to Do list for the Summer. I reorganized the to do list for the Fall, added and subtracted a few things... and, I have made process in that I only have 41 items to do in the Fall! Which, in reality I will be happy if I can knock off half of these. It feels SO good to write out everything that nags at you that you have been meaning to get to, but haven't-- and knocking them out one by one!

Goodbye Summer! And, welcome Fall! Here are a couple of pictures from some of the neighborhood walks I took with the kids this summer...


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