Curly Crafty Mom: Gifts from London

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gifts from London

The kids and I got some really neat gifts from London. Both Nathan and Autumn got Paddington Bears, straight from Paddington Station!

The book to go along with the bears... good thing, because I had never read this story to them. They really enjoyed it, especially Mr. Nathan because he is a train and stuffed animal lover!

So, which do you think Autumn took out of this package, and which did Nathan take? Ha!

I am really into collecting lighthouses, from the ones I have visited, and the ones that my family/friends have seen. I have a curio cabinet with a couple of shelves full of them. However, now I have the Windsor Castle tower in my curio!

I love Lush bath products, they are handmade and smell so wonderful. I received a gift box, and I am going to have to keep the 'Hello Gorgeous' tag since it says its from England. Too cool! Of course, it got knawed on by the cat. That's ok!

It was a huge shock when I opened to box, to find they had stuffed it with edible POPCORN! No, I did not eat the popcorn, but usually it is styrofoam peanuts! And, amazingly enough it got through customs!
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