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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nathan Chatter

Last year I volunteered as a room mother at Nathan's school, and I really enjoyed it. This year, I wanted to try out the PAT (Parents and Teachers) organization at school and attended the first meeting tonight. It was at 7:00pm, but we didn't get home till 5:45pm because I had to run by the bank and Walgreens after work. So, we step inside and I was pretty sure there was NO way I could get them to eat dinner and leave the house by 6:30pm to get to the meeting in time.

So, I tell Nathan, ohhh, I was going to take you and Autumn up to church to play in the church nursery so Mommy can go to an hour long meeting, but I am sure you don't feel up to it. Plus, we would have to eat dinner in record time... Uhh, let me just say, the kids ate dinner in RECORD time. They didn't want to miss out on any action, I guess!

This is the best part... on the drive to church, Nathan starts chitchattering about school. I LOVE this, because... he doesn't tell us much about what happens at school. Here is how it went...

"Mommy, Trystan is upset because I don't play with her anymore. People change, and Trystan never wanted me to play with anyone else. Plus, she started talking about a wedding gown and I don't even know her age!"

"I met a new girl. I will never forget seeing her the first time on the playground. Her name is Kristalynn, we can never figure out what to play! But, she likes to play with other kids, like we like to play with Gabriel at recess."

"Mom, Trystan was so sad at recess, she laid down and didn't play the entire time. I told her to play with everyone, not just me, but she just laid down. I told her people change!"

"Mrs. M (his teacher) told me she loves my new shoes! Everyone likes my new shoes. I can run fast in them. We race at school and I am faster then Dylan."

So, THEN we get to church, and one of the PAT ladies greeted me and she said she was Trystan's Grandma (she's also a teacher at the school). LOL. Nathan is just having too many adventures at school.

The PAT meeting went really well, I left both kids in the church nursery and Autumn didn't even notice when I left, she was in new baby doll heaven! The meeting was nice, but I am not exactly sure what I will be helping with yet, they are going to contact me. I just wrote down what I would be interested in doing at the school. I also got a free set of Christmas cards (4 designs) that the kids did last year in art class. Very cute!
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