Curly Crafty Mom: Things that Go '2011'

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things that Go '2011'

Every year since Nathan has been a baby and I have had him in the Parents as Teachers program, I have taken him (and Autumn) to the Things that Go. It is really fun, they have a lot of different vehicles for the kids to see and go in. Some years it is really big, other years (like this year) it is more on the smaller side. Every year we have fun, though! We got there a little late this year because I wanted to take the kids to Lowes Build and Grow to make firetrucks (how perfect! ha ha!).

Loved this photo of the kids standing by the AmerenUE electrical truck and this sign that says 'Utilitiy Work Ahead'. The AmrenUE guy gave the kids both karate headbands! So fun!

A close up :o)-

Nathan sitting in a dump truck seat

Autumn in an army jeep

Going down a school bus aisle

The kids got to make their own first aid kit. They loved picking out the color case they wanted and getting band aids. Nathan asked the lady what is in a second aid kit. Ha, ha!

The kids got to play on the playground after they looked at all of the vehicles

Autumn on the swing. Wheeee!
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