Curly Crafty Mom: 2011 Trunk or Treat

Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Trunk or Treat

Tonight was Trunk or Treat at Nathan's school, on the same night as the final game for the World Series. Here I am with my candy loving birds. Since it was only me with the kids, I wasn't able to decorate my car tonight and I was so bummed!! (Because I know I could have WON again!) But, life goes on and there is always next year. :o)- Actually, there was a lot of really creative trunks this year and I think it would have been really hard to win.

Nathan's favorite trunk, an Angry Bird theme! Of course I had to ask the parent giving out candy if I could take a picture of it for Nathan. Autumn's favorite I did not get a picture of but it was a haunted pound and the lady had her dogs in it behind fences. It is hard to describe but it was really neat and she just loved it.

One parent had a limo bus there, and you could go inside it to see the decorations and get candy. Very cool! The kids both had very different ways of going about their business with trick or treating. Nathan was very timid and would stand there with his bag open and the parents wouldn't notice him for quite some time while they gave out candy to lots of other kids. Autumn, on the other hand, would weasel her way inbetween the kids to get up front quicker and she would say "Trick or Treat!!!!" really loud to get their attention. It took her half the time to get candy than it took Nathan. Too cute!

Here are the class pumpkins


The kids had a lot of fun going through and SAMPLING their yummy candy when we got home. I wonder if I should hide it tonight... hmmm. ;)
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