Curly Crafty Mom: Go! St. Louis Halloween 10K Run

Monday, October 17, 2011

Go! St. Louis Halloween 10K Run

Running has been difficult for me this year due to my separation and surprise toe surgery, but I am so glad I have stuck with it and was able to complete the same 10K that I did last year. This is my favorite race of all time, because you can run it in costume and the run itself is so scenic. We ran through Soulard, Anheuser Busch and City Garden. Here I am posing as Sookie Stackhouse with my medal. This run was A LOT easier for me this year than it was last year. It might be because I properly trained for it using Nike+ Train to Coach or perhaps because I am more of a seasoned runner now.

I used my new Garmin Forerunner 210 for the race, and it is SO much better than the Nike+. I actually used both the Garmin and the Nike+, and the Garmin was right on and my Nike+ actually said I was at 5.85 miles when I crossed the finish line at 6.2 miles. I plan to buy the foot pod for the Garmin so I can use it on my treadmill as well, and I plan to put my Nike+ to rest (backup if ever needed). The Nike+ is not tracking my distance as reliably as I would like, and their website has been really buggy lately, so I am really enjoying the new Garmin.

Here are my times, which I am really proud of since I did have toe surgery a few weeks ago.

Finished: 1:05:42

Overall: 2,031 of 3,645

Female: 1,183 of 2,465

Female: 30-34: 241 of 496

They had a costume contest after the race, and my favorite were the people that dressed up as Rock, Paper and Scissors. I which I had zoomed in on them more, but this is the best shot I have to share.

They also had Angry Birds there with a catapult!

I really enjoyed this race and hope to continue on by training for a half marathon this coming Spring. I also plan to do a Turkey Trot (5K) the morning of Thanksgiving if I can work it into my schedule.
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