Curly Crafty Mom: Google Eyed Monsters

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Google Eyed Monsters

I love Halloween crafts, and finally had time to get the kids to do their Google Eyed Monsters this weekend. This is a really simple craft, it involves play dough and google eyes. I had Halloween playdough leftover from trick or treating last year and I grabbed some special Halloween google eyes in 3 different sizes from Target.

First roll the playdough into a ball, then roll it out flat with a cup

Separate out the different sized google eyes

Here is Nathan with his google eyed monster. He started out with small eyes and went to larger eyes.

Here is Nathan working away

Autumn working on hers

Autumn really went all out on hers, she even had little holes left in it... haha! So cute! We put them on paper plates to dry.
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