Curly Crafty Mom: Hello Homework!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello Homework!

Sometimes Nathan is sent home with some worksheets to do as homework. It usually consists of him tracing or free handing letter after letter after letter after letter

after letter


Fortunately, Nathan will do his homework really good for me if I bribe him with one two player game on the Wii. Sigh. Kids!!

HOWEVER, no bribe was needed for the teddy bear school bus homework. It was quite funny, I opened Nathan's school bag up to look in his folder and he was right on me asking me when he could do his teddy bear school bus homework. Apparently, any homework involving cutting with scissors is something that must be done as soon as we get home. Can you tell by his quick coloring of the bears that the only part he was excited about was cutting the bears out? And, I should have taken a picture of my kitchen floor, because it looked like Edward Scissor Hands cut out these bears. Shreds of paper everywhere. But, the bears were intact.

Nathan's bears all happily on the school bus.
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