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Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat Bag Goodies from Mom

So, everyone always gives me trouble about this... but, I always fill my kids treat bags with goodies every Halloween. I really enjoy planning out what to put in their treat bags, and its a good excuse to spoil them with something other than chocolate. I usually put a new flashlight, a Scholastic or Halloween/Fall themed book, toy and glow necklace in them. This year I added their Fall hats/mittens and Halloween stickers.

I just love my two kiddos.

Their bags. I am just still ever so pleased with how Nathan's angry bird bag turned out that I made. I am so glad the fabric glue really worked and none of the bird pieces fell off the bag.

Its fun to look back to see what I got them for their treat bag goodies, so here is a picture of what was in Nathan's bag. He's been wanting a new Wii game since his birthday in May, and so I heard the Star Wars game was a good one and got it for him (all his other games are racing!). I got him the older version of the game so it was pretty cheap, and we are just so tired of the Wii games from the library right now. I also got him a cute matching Star Wars hat/mittens set, that I thought was just perfect.

Autumn's goodies. Autumn's flash light is a pony that sings and lights up when you squeeze it. Also, she loves pink so I am sure she will love her book about the pink pumpkin.

And, I saw this owl hat/mitten set the other day at Target. Can I say I love Target? Isn't it ADORABLE! I thought it may be too big for her, but it fits to a 'T' and its very warm and covers her ears well. It was the last one they had, too, but they had other animals. So glad I have their hats/gloves taken care of for when the weather turns cold.
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