Curly Crafty Mom: Uncle Jeff and Tracy's Veggie Tales Halloween Party

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Uncle Jeff and Tracy's Veggie Tales Halloween Party

Uncle Jeff and Tracy had us over to their house for a fabulous Veggie Tales Halloween party.

Look at these adorable vegetable cupcakes from Whipt Cream

Of course, being the tomato lover that I am, I enjoyed this one!

Jeff had a wonderful BBQ meal for us, and then we went outside to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather with some games. In the first games, the kids had to go around the yard to find lost bones.

There was a bean sack game


The next game was really neat, Amy had a deck of cards and let each kid pick one and they had to do a trick (such as crawl like a spider). They then got a prize out of the treat bag.

Here is Nathan crawling around like a spider.

Autumn REALLY got into the game. It was amazing how well she understood the directions and she would play right along with them, such as walking like a Mummy, etc. Here she is pulling out a skeleton prize.

After the games there was lots of running and chasing Tracy.

Autumn got in Tracy's lap and gave her a BIG hug before we left. Thanks for having us over Jeff and Tracy!
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