Curly Crafty Mom: November 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving at Jeff and Tracy's

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with my brother and his wife. Here is Jeff in front of all of his fixings. Yum!

Nathan wins breaking the wish bone

After dinner, Nathan desperately needed some batteries for his firetruck. However, we all thought it needed 9V batteries because it showed a picture of them on the backside. Uncle Jeff was so sweet that he went around his house and took out the 9V batteries from 4 of his fire detector alarms. However, once he unscrewed the bottom, he realized it needed AA's!!!! We were all giving him trouble about watching the house burn down because of no batteries in the fire detectors and all just to put batteries in a toy fire truck. Ha, ha!

That fire truck is SOOOoOOooOOO long. Its as long as Nathan!

Auttie giving Jeff some tea

Nathan and Autumn by Tracy's snowmen

Christmas Tree

I got my Christmas tree up yesterday, but FIRST I did some Black Friday shopping (of course!). I probably won't be able to put any gifts under it until the day of Christmas, since Autumn cannot be trusted!

Just some more of my Christmas decorations

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I am thankful for...

This won't be as pretty as some of the other blog posts with all of the pictures... but, I wanted to list some things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for Nathan and Autumn. They have added so much love, laughter and little adventures to my life that I cannot imagine it without either of them.

My Dad, and for his good health and for Mom, because she takes care of my kids every day that I am at work, I know it is a lot on her but she does it and gives the kids so much love

My brother and his wife Tracy for always having us over for good times (and for hosting Thanksgiving this year).

My friends, some I have known for many, many years and others for just a few years.

A job that I have been at for the last eight years, that has been stable and pays my bills

My cat, even though she's got the loudest meow in the early mornings hours and Nathan's frogs even though they eat crickets.

That I was able to run my second 10K earlier this fall, and that I am healthy enough to start training for a 1/2 marathon in January.

My house, even though it will never be perfectly clean since I have two young children

Nathan's school, for raising him up in the Lord's light and for such wonderful teachers. Also, thankful for our church, and for being able to attend it more regularly since the kids sit better through services now.

Thankful that a hard part of my life will be over either at the end of next month, or by February at the latest. Thankful that I have hung in there and will be a better and happier person once it is over.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gardenland Express on Thanksgiving

Before lunch, I decided to take Nathan to the Gardenland Express at the Missouri Botanical Gardens since it was open at 9am on Thanksgiving. Nathan looks forward to this every year, because he loves electric trains!

We even got a really good family portrait! This was unusual because both kids are smiling at once! How did I get so lucky? Now, if only I can be this lucky when we do our Christmas cards photo next week.


They had an amtrak train


A train with little plants in the cars


The 'dollhouse' train, as Autumn called it

A train with big presents on its back

A ship!

BroBro and Sissy looking at the trains together. Awh!


The kids got a book with pictures in it, and they had to find that item on the track. They both did a really good job finding everything.






Just some of the details

Overall, a really good time! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eye Sore

Do you have an eye sore in your house? This is mine. Nathan's wagon piled high with every kind of car, train or plane imaginable. I have this on my list of items to somehow organize in the home. Not sure how. But, its not very functional right now, because if you pull one car out there is an avalanche. Which, makes tidying up before vacuuming so much fun. I'm up for any advice on how to organize this... :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Autumn's 3!

Last night my little baby went to sleep for the last time as a two year old. She had her precious little binky in her mouth, the last part of her being a baby still. Binky goes away after Thanksgiving, and as much as I hate the binky, it still makes me sad that its yet another page turned in her life. I wanted to jot down some memories from the last year, the 2's of Autumn's life:

1. Bitty Baby, baby babies, Dora babies and Momma dolls, Dora Momma, etc. - Autumn loves babies and Mommas. She has a Little Mommy bassinet and it is filled to the rim with little Momma and baby dolls. She also has her Bitty Baby that she carries everywhere and needs in her bed with her at night.

2. Binky - Autumn loves her binky. Two binky! She has to always have two binkys, one in her mouth and one in her hand she can hold up to her nose for comfort.

3. Autumn learned how to use the potty (both pee pee, poo poo and she wears undies to bed!). She is such a big girl! We started training her last May. Nathan we didn't even start till he turned 3! Boys and girls are SO different!!

4. Dishes and Sink/Water play - Autumn loves pouring water into cups and pouring it out. She could do this for hours.

5. Doggys/puppies - Autumn LOVES my Mom's puppy Annee.

6. BroBro - Autumn's relationship with Nathan has really blossomed. They both get very competitive and jealous of each other, but I know they both really love and care for each other. They play and interact A LOT now, more and more as Autumn gets older. It is so fun to watch. Autumn LOVES to mimic her brother, she really watches him.

7. Pink - If it is pink, Autumn likes it

8. Momma - Autumn has a really strong bond with me, she is a total Momma's girl. I am curious to see if this will continue or change going into 3.

9. Bag Lady - Autumn loves to take things and put them in her baby doll stroller. For instance, her doll house she got for her birthday, she put all the furniture and dolls into her stroller. She is such a silly girl! She even put my childhood tea set in the stroller before her birthday party and I was wondering where it went because not a piece was left on the play table I had set up. She just loves keeping HER things right by her in that stroller!

10. Love - Autumn has so much love in her, she is really such a sweet girl. She has the biggest brown eyes and smile in our family. I love her so much.

Her Dad had her tonight after work on her birthday, and she was asleep when he brought her back to my house at 7:30pm. I went to the mall tonight to get her one last gift to give her on her birthday, and I was so sad that she was so tired that I had to put her right into bed without opening it. So, here is the birthday girl with her unopened birthday gift. She will open it tomorrow, I got her a new pair of shoes, those ever popular Twinkle Toe shoes that light up. Happy Birthday my sleepy girl!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn's 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday I had a party for Auttie's third birthday. She isn't 'really' turning three until tomorrow. It is so hard to believe how fast these first few years of her life have gone by. It makes me sad that they have gone by so fast, yet happy to see how she is growing up to be such a smart and sweet young lady. Nathan we didn't even start to potty train until he turned 3, Autumn has already mastered it (including bed time!). I am so proud of her! However, one challenge still remains and that is with the binky. I am planning to take it away after Thanksgiving. Wish me luck. She's more attached to it then ever!

For Autumn's party I did a tea party theme, because she loves little tiny things, dishes and pouring water into cups, etc. It was perfect for her. Here is the food and sweets table.


Some of the food at the table

Uncle Jeff getting a plate of food

I had a little table set up just for Autumn and Nathan to sit at.

I bought Autumn an Elephant white ceramic tea pot for her to keep until she gets older. It is so cute! Here she is pouring some 'pink' tea (really pink lemonade).

Drinking her tea

Nathan wanted to pour some tea, too... and, uh. Look where it went. Good thing the kids table didn't have fabric tablecloths!

Me and my almost 3 year old!


I also had a tea station set up, with my china cups and an assortment of tea. I even went out and got some sugar cubes!

Nathan offering rock candy to Jeff and Tracy

At the table I had favors set out to look like tea bags. In the grown ups bags I had a chocolate truffle candle, tea bag and some chocolates, Nathan got an angry bird key chain and some mini dice and Autumn got Dora rings and sticker earrings.

Autumn opening her favor bag.

I set up a table where I had a tea pot craft, the felt cookies I ordered from Etsy and then I also set out a few of my mismatched china sets from when I was a child.

Some of my childhood china--now Auttie's


Some of her balloons

Autumn opening some of her gifts

Autumn's main birthday present. The Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse.

Aunt Tracy had fun with Autumn's gifts and Nathan's Star Wars figures. Ha ha!

Lastly, we had cake. Autumn loved her little tea set table top cake. Boy, it was a lot of work. Almost too much work. But, it turned out really cute and it lit up her face!

Another picture of the cake

Blowing out her candles. She did really well, blew one candle out at a time

So cute, eating her cake

All in all, it was a fun birthday party! I love my little girl! Thank you for the last year by giving me so much love and so many wonderful memories, Autumn!
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