Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 3rd Birthday Party

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn's 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday I had a party for Auttie's third birthday. She isn't 'really' turning three until tomorrow. It is so hard to believe how fast these first few years of her life have gone by. It makes me sad that they have gone by so fast, yet happy to see how she is growing up to be such a smart and sweet young lady. Nathan we didn't even start to potty train until he turned 3, Autumn has already mastered it (including bed time!). I am so proud of her! However, one challenge still remains and that is with the binky. I am planning to take it away after Thanksgiving. Wish me luck. She's more attached to it then ever!

For Autumn's party I did a tea party theme, because she loves little tiny things, dishes and pouring water into cups, etc. It was perfect for her. Here is the food and sweets table.


Some of the food at the table

Uncle Jeff getting a plate of food

I had a little table set up just for Autumn and Nathan to sit at.

I bought Autumn an Elephant white ceramic tea pot for her to keep until she gets older. It is so cute! Here she is pouring some 'pink' tea (really pink lemonade).

Drinking her tea

Nathan wanted to pour some tea, too... and, uh. Look where it went. Good thing the kids table didn't have fabric tablecloths!

Me and my almost 3 year old!


I also had a tea station set up, with my china cups and an assortment of tea. I even went out and got some sugar cubes!

Nathan offering rock candy to Jeff and Tracy

At the table I had favors set out to look like tea bags. In the grown ups bags I had a chocolate truffle candle, tea bag and some chocolates, Nathan got an angry bird key chain and some mini dice and Autumn got Dora rings and sticker earrings.

Autumn opening her favor bag.

I set up a table where I had a tea pot craft, the felt cookies I ordered from Etsy and then I also set out a few of my mismatched china sets from when I was a child.

Some of my childhood china--now Auttie's


Some of her balloons

Autumn opening some of her gifts

Autumn's main birthday present. The Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse.

Aunt Tracy had fun with Autumn's gifts and Nathan's Star Wars figures. Ha ha!

Lastly, we had cake. Autumn loved her little tea set table top cake. Boy, it was a lot of work. Almost too much work. But, it turned out really cute and it lit up her face!

Another picture of the cake

Blowing out her candles. She did really well, blew one candle out at a time

So cute, eating her cake

All in all, it was a fun birthday party! I love my little girl! Thank you for the last year by giving me so much love and so many wonderful memories, Autumn!
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