Curly Crafty Mom: Elephant Rocks State Park

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elephant Rocks State Park

A couple of weekends ago, I finally got to see Elephant Rocks State Park. I was so excited that it has been so mild and warm this October, and so therefore it was a BEAUTIFUL fall day!

There is one main trail in the park and it is paved, however there is a lot of opportunities to go off the beaten track and to explore the rocks in the park. The park really does get more and more awesome the further you take the trail into it. I really cannot wait to take the kids here sometime. It is an hour and a half away from Saint Louis.

Narrow little walk way

Breathtaking view

This is the top, where the granite rocks look pink and the park gets its name 'Elephant Rocks'

I took my vitamins that morning.

Nathan would have loved to splash through these puddles.

What was really neat, was the miners had carved their names into the granite rocks and a lot of them put dates such as 1908, shows a lot of history in this park.

Another neat thing about this park was the Fire Engine house.

Here is the inside, you can see the tracks... I am guessing it had a wooden roof at one time.

Silly me again.

Another window picture

The best part was just looking at the stone work

After leaving Elephant Rocks, I decided to check out PLUNDER PALACE, which is a huge hit with the locals and not so local people in Ironton, MO. Wow. Never seen quite a junk store like this one.


This junk store is owned by an old man white a long white beard, and I had never seen so much junk in my life. There was so much junk, that in some areas it was piled up so dangerously that you could have caused quite an avalanche if you were to pull say the bottom album from 6' tall stack of them. Does this guy really want to get rid of his junk if he is making it so hard to get to? Hmmm!
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