Curly Crafty Mom: Kindergarten Feast Day

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kindergarten Feast Day

Tonight was Nathan's Thanksgiving Feast at school, and he had a nice little Indian hat to show off for it.

The back of Nathan's hat. On the headband part of his hat he drew what he was thankful for, he said one of the little people on it was his Sissy. Awwhh!

The dinner had the Preschool 3, Preschool 4, Kindergarten and 1st grade classes. Each class had a different hat that they made for their little performance. Here is the Preschool 3 class, it is hard to believe Autumn will be in this class next year.

Preschool 4 class

Kindergarten class. Yes, Nathan is a shorty!!!!

1st grade class, they did a cute little skit with each letter for Thanksgiving.
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